• Design Thinking is a user-centered approach to solve problems and create new opportunities.

  • Empathy is key to Design Thinking.

  • It starts with a “Wicked Business Problem” and follows a step-by-step process that is repeated over multiple iterations.

  • There is not one single toolkit that serves every single case. There is a wide range of processes and tools that people customise to serve their needs. This process is not engraved in stone and must adapt to each business challenge and objectives.

  • Design Thinking is an interactive, user-centered and non-linear process which fosters sustainable innovation.

  • Non-linear means that each steps can be used or dropped, reused, or adapted. Teams can decide to go back to one of them as many time they judge necessary.

  • The goal of the process is to load multidisciplinary teams with the same information to gain a similar understanding of the context. 

  • Finally it also ensures the right balance between analytical and creative/intuitive thinking and doing.


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