We believe in multiplicity of skills and cross-fertilisation
of expertises, to allow innovative, differentiated approaches and create growth. 
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Hervé Collignon is a seasoned expert in Innovation and Design Thinking methodology, with over 25 years of experience in multinational and the creative industry in the US, in Europe and in the Middle East. He helps organisations embrace design approach as a strategic and innovation tool.

  • Hervé Collignon LinkedIn

Hervé Collignon

Founder and CEO

  • Olivier Bariety Linkedin

Olivier Bariéty is a well-recognized specialist of Business Intelligence & Strategy applied to international companies, with a global approach for a very operational direct support.

Olivier Bariéty

Associate Director

Nadine is a seasoned professional with experience ranging from FMCG to luxury and 20+ year expertise in brand strategy, strategic and operational insights, consumer research, marketing optimisation and ROI.

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Nadine Touma

Strategy SME

  • Karen Nassar Linkedin

Karen has 12+ years of experience in branding and strategy during which she managed the strategy and design processes of projects from various industries including FnB, Real Estate, Healthcare, IT to name a few.

Karen Nassar

Design & Brand Strategist

Augustin is a junior strategy & innovation executive at HOOKS, currently studying at the EMLyon Business School in France, specialising in Entrepreneurship & Innovation master's degree. 

  • Augustin Chaix Linkedin

Augustin Chaix

Strategy & Innovation Executive

  • Tanguy Couffon Linkedin

Tanguy Couffon

Strategy & Innovation Executive

Tanguy is a Junior strategy and innovation executive at HOOKS, currently studying at the EDHEC Business School in France, specialising in Finance and Entrepreneurship programs.