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Certification from INSEAD

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Very proud to share this certificate of completion from INSEAD on "Innovation at the age of disruption".

Here are three key success factors to innovate:

1- PURPOSE: To drive innovation in an organization you need to be purpose driven, which seems a priority for most companies in such condition of uncertainty.

2- PEOPLE: You need to adopt the five innovators' behaviours and be human centric to empathize with users.

3- PROCESS: Design Thinking approach is at the heart of the innovators' process

I particularly appreciated the structure of this course which I would recommend to anyone looking for a good understanding of what innovation requires to be successful. I also enjoyed the variety of medium used during the course which made it serious and entertaining at the same time.

One thing I would argue with and which was wrongly explain during the course is that Design Thinking is not coming from engineering field but is deeply rooted in designer's mindset and design education system. Which explains why most successful designers are comfortable with innovation behaviors described during the training.

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