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  All business leaders have them – underperforming products or services, ineffective processes, teams that don’t adapt to new realities, issues around collaboration or growth. Sound familiar? You’ve probably already tried all the usual methods for solving these headaches, but nothing seems to work. If these wicked problems have handcuffed your business growth and success, Design Thinking may be the …


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THE 10 DESIGN THINKING KEY WORDS The exercise of summarizing Design Thinking into 10 key words is adventurous but as an introduction to this discipline, it has been reported to me as a useful way to explain this process. There are all equaly important and fundamental to start applying it with your teams.


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I often have to justify why Design Thinking is important for Start-ups. After all, start-ups have innovation at the core of their business model.

Carpool Arabia start-up and Design Thinking

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Is it necessary to tell how much start-ups need design thinking to accelerate their development? After 48 hours of a Fast & Furious pace workshop for Carpool Arabia the answer is YES. In fact all start-ups should leverage the power of this specific approach which starts with the user in mind. We are not talking about the consumer (which has …

Join us for a Design Thinking workshop for Carpool Arabia start-up

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Have you ever wanted to know what’s behind the curtain of a Startup? Good news, you can register for the design thinking workshop we organize and facilitate for Carpool Arabia. The 2 days workshop (Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of June) will be a complete immersion inside Carpool Arabia. Together, we will craft the most advanced ridesharing solution. During the …

3 workshops in 3 days with 3 different teams

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Today I have completed a round of three workshops with three different teams (one workshop per day). I am always amazed how people engage and discover the magic of Design Thinking approach. Using scenario basis to understand users is such a powerful tool. Less than a month after launching my company in Dubai, this is extremely rewarding. Thank you to …

Inspiration pour les designers des Lunetiers du Jura

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Cette opération propose un ressourcement créatif pour des designers intégrés appartenant à des entreprises concurrentes mais d’une même filière. Le principe de séminaire créatif était acquis pour que les designers travaillent ensembles sans risque de concurrence.  En une journée, les designers ont rencontré des graffeurs, appris l’origine de ce mouvement artistique, se sont initiés à la technique et réalisé 3 …

HOOKS crée les bureaux du Hub KELLOGG’S Snacks à Genève

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HOOKS réalise les bureaux de KELLOGG’S à Genève avec pour objectif de créer un espace où l’identité visuelle de KELLOGG’S prend toute sa place, tout en célébrant le dynamisme de ses marques de snacks. Après le rachat de Pringles par Kellogg’s, les anciens bureaux ont dû être « rebrandés » pour faire de cet espace de travail le siège européen de la …