Citation d'Arthur C. Clarke: "La seule façon de découvrir les limites du possible, c'est de s'aventurer un peu au-delà, dans l'impossible"

This morning I wake up and I discovered this…

Hervé Collignon Non classé

“The World belongs to those who wake up early”. Have been told this consistently when I was young and I believe it is true especially when you are an entrepreneur and days are too short to do all what you would like to achieve. Today, as usual, I spent 30 minutes early in the morning exploring the web looking for inspiration. Here is what I found and I’ve decided to share one of the three principles/laws set by Arthur C. Clarke and which reflects my philosophy. I liked it and decided to share it as it demonstrates this is our responsibility if want to go beyond the obvious and discover what is next. We are often stuck by our limits, but our limits are those which we impose to ourselves. Have a great day!