Tatoo or Transformer?

Hervé Collignon Blog


There are strategic questions that any eco-conscious businesses producing enormous amount of packaging should think about: How to concile visibility and fonctionality while preserving our small and fragile planet.

Nature is an infinite source of inspiration for many products which suround us, and imagination of humakind knows how to leverage its to entertain us.


Tatoo transforms itself in a ball  to protect itself (function) and also to disappear from its predator's eyes (invisibility). When it comes to the Transformer, which is a powerful war machine (function) it deploies itself to show all its weapons (visibility).

Here is a parallel which on my opinion is an interesting source of inspiration if you consider redesigning your packaging strategy.

Depending on if you want to be visible or invisible while being fonctional. Who is the most clever or the pertinent of the two.

Everyone, depending of his objectives, will find the appropriate answer.