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  Like a good doctor, our experienced team at HOOKS takes the time to properly diagnose the root cause of the problem – the real pain point – instead of masking the symptoms with quick fixes or, even worse, spending time and money on solutions that don’t move the bar. Over the years, we’ve worked with dozens of organizations – …


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  All business leaders have them – underperforming products or services, ineffective processes, teams that don’t adapt to new realities, issues around collaboration or growth. Sound familiar? You’ve probably already tried all the usual methods for solving these headaches, but nothing seems to work. If these wicked problems have handcuffed your business growth and success, Design Thinking may be the …

The 3 basic components of Human Centered Innovation


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Shouldn’t we use the words DESIGN THINKING meaningfully and carefully? If we don’t, it will fade away and become irrelevant in most cases. I personally prefer using the term HUMAN CENTERED INNOVATION. First, Design Thinking is a flexible practice which serves a purpose. It exists to help everyone facing a challenge by addressing it with a technique which starts with …