HOOKS is also a network of competencies which can be leveraged according to the complexity and the size of your challenges.

Below we name a few who collaborate on regular basis depending the needs.


With over 25 years experience in strategic innovation across multiple sectors, Ghassan brings together an entrepreneurial and practical approach to business challenges. Passionate about change and delivering complex initiatives, roll up the sleeves and deliver complexity.

In his most recent challenge, Ghassan designed, curated and delivered Innovation Live late 2016. As a first of its kind experiential conference, the exhibition brought together over 800 senior business and government leaders, to inspire and open mindsets to a “culture of innovation.”

Ghassan has been on many sides of the events business, responsible for DWTC’s Destination Strategy including Dubai Exhibition City (pre Expo 2020) and the Trade Centre District expansion. Ghassan has worked on multiple event destination projects for Dubai Tourism, Solidere, Air Asia and DuBox.

Ivy League educated at Brown University (Rhode Island, USA) with a BA in Economics, Political Science and Engineering.


Dr. Philippe Bouvier is the founder and Managing Partner of Urban Value Creation consulting. He is also Adjunct Professor in Smart City at the American university R.I.T in Dubai.

He has worked in research, in audit and M&A, in engineering and project management and in urban studies.

He holds a BEng with Honors from UK (in combined engineering studies), an Engineer diploma (MEng in electronics and computer science), an MSc (in acoustics) and a PhD with Honors from France. He also holds an Executive MBA at INSEAD in Singapore.His PhD is in urban studies (urbanism and city management).

The title of his thesis is “From segmented management in modern cities to systemic governance in sustainable cities”. He is concerned with future cities and has developed an innovative business model to support urban sustainability.


Graham and Blake have founded Zinc which is a Design & Innovation Lab that collaborates with entrepreneurs, innovators and established brands around the world.

They take a lean collaborative approach to framing innovative ideas and bringing them to life through human centred design.

They deliver value by helping to create compelling product & service experiences across both the physical and digital realm outcomes.

Issam Ghobril

ISSAM M. GHOBRIL is an expert in marketing with a master degree from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon.

With more than 20 years of experience in the FMCG line of products with international brands ranging from beauty products like “Yves Rocher” France, to Danish food brands like Lurpak butter Puck cheese from “Arla foods”.


Jean-Baptiste Pontecorvo has a diploma in design from ESDI (Ecole Supérieure de Design Industriel) since 1995 and is today considered as a specialist in prospective design.

He allies design thinking skills with 3D rendering expertise and helps companies integrating design in their business strategy validating concepts with stunning 3D rendering (Nike, Aéroport De Paris, Go Sport, Parex, BMW and Alstom to name a few).

He is an active member of the Lieu du Design, of the AFD (French Designers Association) as well as the APCI (Agence pour la Promotion de la Création Industrielle).

His involvement in the Design field has provided him a large and powerful network which keeps him always up to date with trends and nurtures his creativity.


Gil is a geek


Simon offers extensive manufacturing capability from design up to production and installation all around the GCC countries.

With a solid foundation in shop-fitting and retail merchandising, his company focuses on high-quality level in the manufacture of shop furniture’s /shop-in-shop/ pop-up stores for some of the most prestigious brands in the market.


Yves has over 25 years architectural experience working throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He has been in UAE since 1998, during which he has overseen the completion of several major projects within Abu Dhabi including ADNEC Phases1 & 2 and Deerfield Shopping Mall.

His architectural training has given him a unique ability within project management to assess and remedy potential problems early in the construction process.


Her 15 years as the leader of the Rhones-Alpes Design Centre has given Marie Marguerite Gabillard a unique expertise on how to integrate and leverage Design in many organizations.

Wether it is the scope of the Design function, its mission, its responsibilities or its position within the organization, Marie Marguerite Gabillard has helped all size of businesses, in many categories to manage projects requiring Design expertise.

Among many clients, she is helping the Lunetiers du Jura organization and the Picardie county on several design projects while supporting their development leveraging design capability, including design training, strategic thinking, trend watching or project management.

Her pragmatic approach is highly appreciated as well as her successful track record in companies like Cointreau, Rothmans or Banques Populaires.