Inspirational activity for the Lunetiers du Jura designers

Hervé Collignon Blog

This outdoor activity has helped designers from different companies in a same industry to work together for one day and get inspired by a new artistic technic.

Although gathering all these creative people for the entire day was approved beforehand by their management, the activity had to ensure it would not disclose confidential information.

During that day, designers have been exposed to the origin of this art, they have been trained by the artists and they worked with them to address the question "Are you the future?" with three possible answers: " YES, NO or MAYBE"

Thanks to its understanding of what an In-house designer profile means, HOOKS has defined a theme that would help designers to think what their future looks like, HOOKS has facilitated the whole workshop, organized the logistic and has ensured the experience was constructive for each of the participants.

Click on the image below to access the video posted on Youtube