How do you approach innovation in your development strategy?

  • The Design process holds in it’s DNA an approach and a holistic logic for creating new opportunities. On this basis, this creative, yet structured, process known as Design Thinking follows precise steps, from the definition of the (real) problem to be solved by creativity, to the opening of the field of possibilities, up to the selection of the right path to follow.
  • HOOKS has modeled this process and represents this process as a diamond.
  • The bottom line is THE initial question – the right question – that enables the definition of the problem in its fundamental dimension.
  • Ad-hoc multi-functional teams are created first; several steps will enable them to link useful information to enter into a form of empathy with the consumer’s unexpressed needs.
  • From here will give rise to several scenarios that will lead to new meaningful opportunities.

HOOKS coaches you all along the innovation journey