The 3 basic components of Human Centered Innovation


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Shouldn’t we use the words DESIGN THINKING meaningfully and carefully?
If we don’t, it will fade away and become irrelevant in most cases. I personally prefer using the term HUMAN CENTERED INNOVATION.

First, Design Thinking is a flexible practice which serves a purpose. It exists to help everyone facing a challenge by addressing it with a technique which starts with placing mankind at the center of the solution.

Video of my presentation at UAE Innovation Week in Dubai at Innovation 5 Centre:

While our world is turning digital, this method helps return the human-being back to the center of everything we invent.

Secondly, it illustrates our world is shifting toward the need for humankind to change our current business model, most of which were invented after World War II. HUMAN CENTERED INNOVATION is a mindset that can address 21st century challenges.

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