HOOKS designs the new KELLOGG’S Snacks Hub in Geneva

Hervé Collignon Blog

After Pringles acquisition by Kellogg’s, the office space needed to be rebranded. The Western Europe Kellogg’s Snacks Hub in Geneva is now properly communicating Kellogg’s brand equity.

The new design has reinforced the cohesion of former Pringles’ employees in line with Kellogg’s brand values while respecting the dynamism of both companies.

An innovative IT solution shows Social Network feeds on a TV screen and helps employees to understand what consumers says about Kellogg’s brands. A dedicated celebration zone helps to promote Kellogg’s product launch or share company announcement. This project represents 750 sqm and more than 25 rooms which contribute creating cohesion among employees around Kellogg’s brand values.

Click on the image below to access to the movie on Youtube: