Experience, thinking, creativity and integration…

HOOKS proposes its services and methods based on the training of Hervé Collignon and his successful experience of more than 25 years in Design, in agencies and in companies.

Holder of a degree from the Higher School of Industrial Design in Paris, Hervé Collignon’s made his first successes in the Design agency Smart Design in New York and then in Paris where he created the studio Design Graphique for the communication agency Com’In.

Then, he made the choice of Design Management within the company field.

Firstly, IBM Europe where he managed the brand strategy and approached the management of the Brand image from a Design angle. He created the role of “EMEA Brand, Design, Identity Manager” and demonstrated the interest of integrating a Design Manager in the company.

Then, the Proctor & Gamble journey begins: he starts as the design manager of “house cleaning” product line. His Design approach to the Fairy brand contributes to the market share increase from 50% to 73%. “The Story” he created for the Fairy detergent is still used today as a case study at P&G for building a solid and efficient promotional system.

He then became the Principal Design Manager for the Health and Beauty branch of P&G-TEVA. As part of this role, he participated in the redesign for the brand Vicks across Europe and in the launching of the Mineral and Vitamin Supplements product line.

Recently, Hervé Collignon created HOOKS. His solid experience allows him to propose the services of Design Management consulting as a strategic tool for innovation and brand growth. He organises Design Thinking workshops, training sessions for the use of Design tools and personalised services around the Design process.


Within P&G: Presidents Award

By the British Design Business Association: Design effectiveness award in 2011 for the success of his approach for the Fairy brand.