Dubai Design Week 2016

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What a fabulous week! Seeing Dubai animated with so many events all over the city was (at least for me) a first. From IKEA exhibit, to Human Experience workshop, from French iconic design exhibit to design student project from all over the planet exposed in one spot, these were really exciting moments of connection, exchange, interaction and inspiration. Dubai is turning into a very interesting spot which is on the right track to demonstrate it is transforming itself into the place to be when it comes to Design. There might be a long way to turn into Milano Design Week/Fair, still the effort to make it happen is really interesting. Unfortunately there was to much to be seen and I know I have only seen the tipping point of the iceberg. I would sincerely be interested to hear what others think about this event.


Here is also a link to an article in which HOOKS Strategy & Innovation is featured. Enjoy!

20 French Iconic Design exhibit, including the Citroen 2CV (quite old I have to admit, but so unique) and many other designs from famous french designers. My opinion is that it was once again focusing on the “style” aspect of design… such a missed opportunity. Not surprising that France is now turning into a huge museum… with great restaurant around ;O(

Iconic French Design

Student project at Global Grad Show: an electric plug to put on a window (thanks to a suction cup on the back) and which recharges the battery of your phone transforming light into energy.

Suction cup electric plug

A very inspiring and creative graphic design exhibit from Cairo designers.
It reminded me of my time in New York and Emigre magazine graphic explorations.

Graphic Design in Cairo

IKEA or the art to design for people with user centric approach, not for consumers (although at the end, you always find yourself with more products to buy than why you came for ;O)


Interesting VR and haptic experience at Global Grad Show

VR and aptes experience

Martin McGinn shared his experience of designing interaction and educational tools in the healthcare category.
This guy applies Design Thinking almost without mentioning it during the whole talk. Who cares about Design Thinking
as long as the end result is so great! (and I know what am talking about) Well done. Very enriching speech and demonstration.

DT and Healthcare

The Global Grad Show exhibit… gain lot of traction

Global Grad Show

Thanks to Eight Inc and Matt we have been able to experiment Human Experience design process. Quite similar to Design Thinking. What I liked was the interconnection between designing new human experience and brand strategy. Very enlightening.

Human Experience workshop

Orikami proposed a talk around Design Thinking and education. Some cool people attended.  Thanks for making it happen.


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