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  Like a good doctor, our experienced team at HOOKS takes the time to properly diagnose the root cause of the problem – the real pain point – instead of masking the symptoms with quick fixes or, even worse, spending time and money on solutions that don’t move the bar. Over the years, we’ve worked with dozens of organizations – …


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  All business leaders have them – underperforming products or services, ineffective processes, teams that don’t adapt to new realities, issues around collaboration or growth. Sound familiar? You’ve probably already tried all the usual methods for solving these headaches, but nothing seems to work. If these wicked problems have handcuffed your business growth and success, Design Thinking may be the …

Inspirational activity for the Lunetiers du Jura designers

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This outdoor activity has helped designers from different companies in a same industry to work together for one day and get inspired by a new artistic technic. Although gathering all these creative people for the entire day was approved beforehand by their management, the activity had to ensure it would not disclose confidential information. During that day, designers have been …

HOOKS designs the new KELLOGG’S Snacks Hub in Geneva

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After Pringles acquisition by Kellogg’s, the office space needed to be rebranded. The Western Europe Kellogg’s Snacks Hub in Geneva is now properly communicating Kellogg’s brand equity. The new design has reinforced the cohesion of former Pringles’ employees in line with Kellogg’s brand values while respecting the dynamism of both companies. An innovative IT solution shows Social Network feeds on …

Flat design: How Apple fell in the trap!

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Well! am a big fan of Apple in general and those who know me might be surprised by this cynical article about Apple. But when you are Apple, you just can't position yourself as a follower. Apple is famous for setting the future of technology and more importantly, its unprecedent capability to make technology approchable, intuitive and reveal the artist which is in everyone.  So what is the point of what has just been released? Is the last 2 years battle around flat or skeuomorphism design a big mistake into which Apple has been trapped? 

Basel Art fair 2013

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A great friend of mine who is so talented has compiled for our own benefit what she sees and likes during the fair. A no miss event for her so I thought I should share her "Rapport d'Etonnement" (report of surprises)


Am not a designer

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Yesterday night I went to a diner with people I know and some I don't. As always in such circumstances, comes the standard question: What do you do for living?

When you are a plasterer, a doctor or a lawyer, you don't need to explain what you do and usually, the next question comes right after: Where do you practice your job? Who are you arguing for? or you end-up talking about your experience building a separation wall in your house and you are basically begging for some quick tip how to apply plaster properly. In a nutshell, as am sure you understand my point, a plasterer applies plaster, a lawyer argues, a doctor heals.