The 5 fundamentals of HOOKS Design Strategy Consulting Methodology


We study, from the Design point of view, the state of the contact points of the company with its market

  • We search and identify strengths and weaknesses from a differentiation point of view
  • We perform a visual audit, cross checked with a panel of consumers and professionals
  • We produce a Design status report, used as the base for the Analysis

We evaluate the situation and propose new

  • We identify, with design tools, the key success factors as well as weaknesses
  • We anticipate the consequences of actions and non-actions
  • We define and open up the field of possibilities

We give shape to the solutions within the possibilities

  • We develop the solutions based upon the differentiation point
  • We open up possibilities by leveraging the Design Thinking process
  • We propose an ideas and solutions book

We create immersive and coherent Design experiences

  • We build upon the differentiation point by stating and enhancing the value
  • We create coherence across all brand touch-points
  • We integrate into the company strategy
  • We add value and empathy by “telling a unique compelling story”

We anticipate tomorrow’s needs and watch over the company’s performance metrics

  • We analyse changes in behaviours and lifestyles
  • We monitor materials and technology evolution as well as industrial processes
  • We measure the design impact on the perceived performance of the company